Daily Prompt: Your Life, the Book

Def a good prompt and Beyonce was my answer!!


If anyone could write my life Biography it would be Beyonce’!!

Out of all my trials and tribulations and lessons learned in life I can not ask for a better person to tell my biography other than Beyonce. I know it may sound cliche because she is at the top but that is exactly why I would choose her because she is a true role model to all ages. 

No, I do not want to be an entertainer or anything that she is, but she is one if the reasons why I am so driven in life because she is so beautiful, nice, fashionable, and she has a dude that treats her like a queen just like I do. She sets standards for everyone to reach in societyand life ands she conducts herself as a lady oh so well. this is why is have her write my biography be side me, being a straight A high-achieving individual, only finds Beyonce worthy of writing my life and what I am doing and going through on my road to success in the business and technology world.